Become a ChargeTech Reseller

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ChargeTech Authorized Reseller/Distributor!

For trial units, please order directly on our website as it is most efficient and accurate in providing a shipping quote. In the interim, you can find additional information regarding our Reseller Program below:

Reseller Registration
Please complete the reseller application form found on the following page:

Reseller Pricing
As a new reseller, your default starting discount is 15% off all website prices. For certain items / quantities, we can extend more favorable pricing, just reach out for a quote. This discount is intended to help you procure samples and demo units and also have a viable resale margin initially. As we work to establish a relationship / order history, we can place you in a higher discount tier accordingly.

Regarding exclusive distributorship, we only grant exclusive distribution rights for a particular region to authorized resellers who reach certain sales metrics within a 3 month period. These sales metrics will vary depending on the region / country / market. We recommend becoming a reseller of our products in a particular target market in your region first, then graduating to an exclusive distributor after the 3 month vetting period. This 3 month period can be commuted if the sales metrics are reached.

Marketing Material
Unfortunately, ChargeTech does not have any marketing materials available for resellers. It is the responsibility of the reseller to create their own marketing materials curated towards their own markets. ChargeTech can, however, provide all image files it has available by request.

If you need further assistance, please email 

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