Charity & Event Sponsorships

Our mission is to solve the low battery problem and connect family & friends around the world. Together, we can power up the lives of millions of people through acts of charity and donations. To help us spread of the word of power, ChargeTech provides charging stations and portable power solutions to schools, medical centers, churches, disaster relief funds, non-profits, police stations, firefighter houses, homeless shelters and more. 

How does it work? Help us spread the word of powering anything, anywhere. Check out the ChargeTech Showcase where we feature businesses and brand ambassadors that use our charging stations and portable power in their everyday lives.

Are you a business? Here's an example of how ChargeTech sponsored the Coachella Music Festival - Link to case study. We request that organizations send in at least 10-20 high resolution photos of how they used charging stations at their event, post videos to YouTube and provide a 500+ word article of how charging stations benefited them. 

Are you an influencer? Check out our friend's at UnboxTherapy who covered the world's thinnest battery case - Link to video. Also, check out our friend Keaton Keller who covered the world's smallest portable power outlet - Link to video. We request that reviewers create a 5+ minute video or write a 500+ word article to help us spread our message.

Feature us on your Social Media - Do you have an existing large following on social media? Simply repost our images/videos, and feature us on your social media. Mention us @getchargetech and use #chargetech.

How to get product samples - We request that all product reviewers and organizations be verified before we send free product. In order to qualify, please send us links to previous articles you have written, or other product reviews you have done in the past.

Unfortunately, we cannot send free product until we have established a relationship with you. If you need units immediately, all products are available for purchase on the website. After your initial purchase has been received, you can create a video/article review or case study and feature it on your website. Once confirmed, we will credit your initial purchase or send you additional free product of your choice. 

Non-profits get Free Samples - All people and organizations ending in .ORG .EDU .GOV can receive product for free. However, you must send links to articles you have previously written on various websites.


To participate in the program, simply email - SPONSORSHIPS@CHARGETECH.COM.


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