How do I charge my ThinCharge?

How to Charge:

  1. Remove the top lid of the ThinCharge (you can use your nail to pry that part off the ThinCharge body).
  2. Slide your iPhone 6/6s into the ThinCharge case.
  3. Place the top lid securely back on (make sure it makes a loud click sound). 
  4. From the top lid, lift the ThinCharge Charging Port Protector (using your fingernail), then plug in your charging cable. 
  5. When connected with the charging cable, the ThinCharge case will start charging when the iPhone battery is at 100%. ThinCharge will then stop charging automatically when the case is fully charged.
  6. Hold down "volume up" key for 3 seconds to charge your iPhone. To stop charging, hold down for an additional 3 seconds. If the iPhone is fully charged or if the product is out of power, it will stop charging automatically.

If you are still having trouble, here is a very helpful video tutorial:



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