Do you have a revenue-generating charging station?

If you are looking for a pay-per-charge charging station, the Wireless Phone Charging Kiosk may be a good solution for you.  However, before making that decision, we’d like to offer some questions to see if this is indeed a good fit:


  • Are you using this charging station as an added amenity for your guests?
  • Will you be able to provide regular maintenance to the charging station?
  • Do you have ample space to place a charging kiosk of this size?
  • Are you requiring that your charging station be mobile enough to move around?


If you are purchasing a charging station as an added amenity for your guests, consider that your patrons may already be expecting free charging, rather than paid charging.  While adopting a revenue-generating model may seem like a good investment, it may not necessarily garner popularity and may be a turn-off your guests.  Revenue-generating charging kiosks typically need regular maintenance to manage the credit card and cash system as well.  As for the size, a charging kiosk may take up a lot of space and once it is placed somewhere it is harder to move due to the size and weight.  


Generally, we have found that many of our business customers initially want this self-standing pay-per-charge model, only to realize that that maintenance and movement limitations make this a less attractive option for them.  Alternatively, they have found that free standing stations and lockers (like the 6 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker and 8 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker) without the built-in payment system seems to be more widely popular because it can allow for paid or free charging.  Additionally, the size of the unit is much more manageable to move, and the units require virtually little to no regular maintenance.  

We hope this gives you enough background to make the appropriate selection for your business.  Should you need further assistance with your order, please feel free to schedule a call with us or reach out to our sales team at toll-free number, 888-250-8756, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST.

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