6 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker

The 6 Bay Cell Phone Charging Locker is the answer to secure and hassle-free charging.  It features 6 storage lockers each locker large enough to fit two mobile devices, a wallet, keys, camera and more.   Each locker comes built-in with two charging cables, an Apple Lightning cable and Micro USB cable, which services 95% of devices on the market today.  Equipped with the latest pin code keypad technology, each user can access their box using their own user-generated 4-digit passcode.  With quick installation and easy maintenance, this unit has quickly become one of ChargeTech’s more popular units for businesses.  Wall Mount and Floor Stand options available.  Model: PL6


Link: https://chargetech.com/product/cell-phone-charging-locker/



12 Charging Cables Included:
6x micro USB (Non Apple Devices)
6x Apple Lightning (iPhone 5 & Newer)

Dimensions, Weight, & Compatibility:
Weight: 80 lbs
Size: 24 in (W) x 28 in (H) x 8 in (D)
Compatibility: International Power Adapter

Detailed Specs:
Input: 110-240V ~ 10A 50/60 Hz
Output: Individual Cables 5.0V at 2.4 mA max. USB Ports 5.0V at 2.4 mA
Rear Socket: 110-240V ~ 6A 50/60 Hz max


  • Best-selling ChargeTech secure charging locker amongst hotels, airports and universities
  • Easy-to-use lockers provide a safe and secure environment for your device while it's charging
  • Can be placed as a pay-per-use charging station or a free business amenity
  • Comes with 6 Universally Compatible Phone Lockers that can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously
  • Features built-in Micro USB and Apple Lightning cables to charge the most popular phone devices
  • Easy-to-use keyless pin code technology allows for hassle-free access and eliminates the need for keys
  • Great for charging phones and storing small valuables, including wallets, keys and cameras
  • Requires virtually little to no regular maintenance
  • Backlit LED lighting provides additional aesthetic appeal
  • Powered by a standard 110/120 AC outlet
  • Custom wrapping of brand or logo possible on front and side panels
  • Wall Mount and Floor Stand options available
  • Available in black and silver
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