My ThinCharge will not properly function or turn on, what can I do?

Try troubleshooting your ThinCharge with the following steps:

  • Check that your ThinCharge charging tip is properly and securely aligned into your iPhone charging port (on the bottom of your phone).  
  • Make sure your ThinCharge is fully charged before using.  See directions below.
  • With your iPhone on (with the locked screen or home screen lit), use your volume buttons on the side of the unit to toggle the volume up and down.  Press the (+) / increase volume button with one single long push so that the volume increases to max and keep holding that (+) button until your battery lights up as green with the lightning symbol to indicate charging. If this does not work the first time, try lower the volume with the (-) button just a little bit and then immediately press the (+) increase volume button again till the max until the battery lights up as green and the lightning symbol shows indicating charging. To turn off the ThinCharge charging, use the volume buttons again to toggle down on volume and then back up again immediately and the charging symbol should turn off.  


How to charge your ThinCharge:

  • Remove the top bar of the ThinCharge (you can use your nail to pry that part off the ThinCharge body)
  • Slide your iPhone 6/6s into the ThinCharge case
  • Place the top bar on securely back on
  • From the top bar, lift the ThinCharge Charging Port Protector (using your nail), plug in your charging cable and charge as you would do normally
  • Your ThinCharge will charge first, then your phone. 


If you are still facing issues and you need to repair or replace your unit, please submit a warranty claim. 

To get a warranty replacement under our One (1) Year Limited Warranty policy, please follow the instructions to submit a warranty claim:

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