My Portable Power Outlet shuts down prematurely, is something wrong with it?

The Portable Power Outlet auto shuts-off if it is being used with a device that draws more power than it can safely supply.  As a result, the fuse engages and auto shuts down the unit.  For best performance results, the device you are powering should stay within the Portable Power Outlet's capacity limit. Mishandling or extreme heating conditions can also cause the unit to malfunction.


Here are some more useful tips:


  • In order for the Portable Power Outlet to work properly, it must be fully charged before using. All of the LED indicator lights should be on before using.
  • The small, 12,000 mAh version is recommended only for devices using 65 watts or less of power.
  • The large and extra large versions are recommended only for devices using 90 watts or less of power.
  • Exceeding the intended wattage of your Portable Power Outlet can lead to sporadic performance and will void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Reference your device’s charger or manual to verify the number of watts it requires.

If your issues seem inconsistent with this, we’d be happy to assist you further or even provide a replacement should your unit be deemed factory defective and within One (1) Year Limited Warranty period.  Returns for refund on stock items are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

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