PCS5 Troubleshooting

How do I replace cables on a PCS5?


  1. Turn the unit to its side and using a screwdriver, remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the unit.
  2. Turn the unit back upside and carefully lift the top casing.  
  3. Locate the band holding down the battery unit.  Using a screwdriver, remove the band holding down the battery unit.
  4. Lift the battery unit up to reveal the retractable cables.
  5. Locate the retractable cable you would like to remove and replace and unplug that cable from the USB.  Then, remove that cable entirely from the unit.
  6. Place in the new retractable cable securely in the spot where you last removed the old cable unit.  Be sure to pull the retractable cable past the slot holder so it remains on the outside of the casing (and can be pulled from outside the unit).
  7. Place the battery unit back in its place above the retractable cables securing it back down with the band screwing all necessary parts together.  
  8. Place the unit casing back on and screw that piece back on tightly.
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